Welcome to the site! If you have visited my site recently you'll notice a few changes. To be more specific, nothing remains from the old page. I decided to forsake the attractive, java rich, slow loading format that I held to so dearly for so long.

    Actually there is another explanation for the transition. The other day while I was uploading my music files so that I could finish my website, right before starting my fifth and final upload I received a prompt in ftp telling me that my connection had been reset. I retried several times, thinking that my typing was flawed. Eventually I gave up and returned to Tripod's main site to log directly into my account. After doing so i received a Lycos News Flash Informing me that my account was no longer authorized due to "stealing bandwidth". I was held accused of linking my files to remote sites and using my fifty megabytes of space simply as web storage. All of my files on my account have been rendered completely unaccessible.

    Outraged, I wrote them a complaint from their abuse center, a complaint that I still have not received a reply. Anxious to finish my website, I have set up temporary camp at another Tripod account, and only tripod because they are the only server that offers this much space for free. You just have to be willing to ignore the entourage of advertising they hurl at you. So my friends, I beseech thee. If you are a Tripod member and you are satisfied with your service as I once was, kudos to you. If you are not yet a Tripod member, screw it- do not even bother. Until i receive an apology for neutralizing my account, I will boycott Tripod! Move to a remote server and then partake in the web sin that I was so wrongly accused of! Stealing bandwidth! Come with me children, may tripod burn in the eternally burning flame of undesirableness!

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