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Manfretti's: My sister's website. A great place for some reality based humor; sad really, but still infinitely amusing.

Ernie's Place: And you thought you were strange? A montage of Ernie's crazy and unpredictable mayhem! Muahaha!

Paul's Website!: My brother's website! Download his music and learn all about his four month trip across the States.

Jocelyn's Website: I think the title should cover it sufficiently, take a peek why doncha?

Matt's MIDI Masterpieces:This guy is good, I stumbled upon his webpage through a webring of mine. It's definately worth a look.!

Illusionary World: Another MIDI composer that I am quite fond of. He also draws- oh, jack of trades.

Sami's World of Horrific Pakis !: It's Pakistan... it's Canada... where do they collide?! Find out!

ARB: He constantly changes the title of the site, so I no longer care. It's Adrian's website, a friend of mine from a past life. We developed Virtual Cow (a very successful webpage of mine in '97-'98) and have since then gone our seperate ways *sniffle*. Very good with graphics design, the page deserves a visit.

MSNBC: I don't know where all of you get your news, but this for damn sure is where I get mine!

Cake Homepage: Any dispute over the most kickin' rock band in the world? I didn't think so!! They have a new album out, aren't we all just so very excited?

Friendbear Now!: Undoubtedly the funniest comic ever, that or Red Meat

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