Yes that is me in the top left corner, frightening I know but you're going to have to live with it! Now that I've gone out of my way in constructing this site, I have encountered a completely new problem: what in the blue blazes am I to talk about? So I'm going to go ahead and cover some of the basics, but you will notice a few text entry fields located towards the left of the page and I will be more than happy to answer related questions you might have about myself. So here goes..

Name: Nicholas B. Peth

Birthdate: August 6th, 1984

Age: Can't you add? 17

Height: 6'2 (screw centimeters)

Weight: 225 lbs. (screw kilograms) :)

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color:look at the picture people)

Email address:

Zodiac: Leo (god bless America)

Blood Type: O, Glorious O

Hobbies: Writing music (or at least pretending like I can), weightlifting and complaining. I stress the last.

What am I wearing?: A Towel, it's not pink!! It's more of a... peach.

who is your favorite superhero? and cookie? (hjvad) Spiderman and Oatmeal cookies!!

are those flying slinkies? (hd) No they are merely figments of your imagination.

Do you wear pink underwear with purple polka dots?... No then hows are these on my bed!? (Imitation Christ) I would if I could find any, and trust me I've looked. And to the second question I have NO clue.

What is my middle name? (anonymous) It's Benedict! Love it! It's a great middle name.

Which is better--bananas or corn? (Fang) Corn is a far more practical product with many uses and applications, but hell... bananas reign supreme!

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