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Ace Of Spades A play off of the superman theme. I was inspired. Nick Peth 3.27 KB
Crystal.mid An earlier piece. Infinitely simple, yet somehow captivating. Nick Peth 1.89 KB
Eee.mid I used it for my website for a while. Its a perfect loop. Nick Peth 2.67 KB
Grass2.mid A peaceful piano/strings/trumpet song. A personal favorite. Nick Peth 3.24 KB
Tonrak.mid Originally for an interactive story I was in the process of writing. Nick Peth who cares
Ohmygod.mid I wrote this for my girlfriend before she left for Europe. Its just fun. Nick Peth who cares
Pass.mid A harp solo, I've taken many a nap to this song! Nick Peth who cares
Pacifica 2 3 4 A collaboration between me and my brother. Four is completed. Nick Peth, Paul Madden who cares
Mane.mid A string quartet playing what could be medieval war music. Nick Peth who cares
Nickphonia.mid The MIDI prototype to my symphony. (1st movement) Nick Peth who cares
Hayride.mid Listen! Relax! Breathe! Nick Peth who cares
Harpin.mid The first MIDI I ever wrote, and it doesn't completely blow! Nick Peth who cares
Nickpiano.mid It's good, I think at any rate. A little slow and creepy. Nick Peth who cares
Nicks.mid MIDI base for a live rock song of mine (3rd section) Nick Peth who cares
Tea.mid Inspired by depression during the early part of my career. Nick Peth who cares
The Sultan, Bob I just went crazy-mad on my typing keyboard Nick Peth who cares