Naked Drumming I dont remember how we came up with that name.. the song has energy- rock out, bitches. Nick Peth, Aaron Opie, Matt Groner, Mike Groner2.74 MB
Magitek Research Facility (Metal Interpretation) From the Final Fantasy III sountrack, a cover i worked on this afternoon. why not? dig it. Nick Peth1.1 MB
My Apartment Sucks, Lets go to the Beach! Expect lyrics sometime in late march, whenever we can organize another session. Nick Peth, Mike Groner, Aaron Opie3.7 MB
Animize At last! After a seven-month gap between productions, I give you my latest. Me and mike were playing the other night, and he jammed out the opening riff to this song... so even though i wrote the song, were it not for him, it wouldnt exist. Anyway.. im sure to redo it again with better percussion and a bassline.. possibly extended. until then, enjoy. Nick Peth, Mike Groner 2.7 MB
Untitled We cant think of a name to this song, so if anyone can help us out with some suggestions go ahead and email me. We wrote this in two days but since everyone is going back to classes in a couple of days, this was our last chance to record.. so.. enjoy! (i missed the footswitch on my first solo, sorry) Matt Groner, Mike Groner, Aaron Opie, Nick Peth 4.7 MB
Who's In Tune? An anthem for instrument tuning? yes. You can sing along, its easy. Matt Groner, Mike Groner, Aaron Opie, Nick Peth 0.8 MB
Cool and Windy, high near 55* one-track classical guitar solo, curteosy of yours truly. i hope you can dig on it. Nick Peth 2.89 MB
Labor Intensive: welcome to the salt mines (beta) I'm going to work on this more, im sure, but i decided to release it regardless. if nothing else, you can shake you ass to it without feeling guilty. I'm learning to work with fruityloops and acid pro a lot more efficiently. Nick Peth 2.97 MB
Aimless and Carefree I wrote this the day after i got my new microphone (shure sm575) a mixer (behringer eurorack ub502) and my classical guitar. i was going to make it longer, but i ended it early. *Shrug* I might add some more to it later. I am also working on a live-band version, oh yeah, that'll be sweet with vocals. Nick Peth 1.42 MB
Inside Ah, inspiration at sweet long last. You can thank Samuel for the lyrics and bass guitar, Ernie for his siren-esque vocals and myself for the guitar parts. Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 3.06 MB
Soul Fly Inspired by frustration, ending a long and depressing dry season of artistic inactivity. an excellent piece. Nick Peth 2.64 MB
Vendetta I'm going ot write words to this song, it might really need them but i'm going to work with it. its a slightly different approach im taking musically. Nick Peth 1.46 MB
Saturday Rocks Saturday's do rock, and so does this song. It's been re-recorded (again). Nick Peth 2.26 MB
Staring at Your Own Reality (Rerecord) A rerecording of the original, this time with a full-size acoustic guitar, filtered out most of that damned static, and made room for lead vocals (which will eventually be added!) its GREAT! Nick Peth 3.30 MB
Sunny and Warm, High Near 67* I wrote this for the band. Take this, add some lyrics and percussion and modify the length transitions or whatever. fun song. Nick Peth 1.27 MB
Staring at Your Own Reality My personal favorite. Considering the atrocious conditions and equipment I used to record this, it turned out wonderful. Nick Peth 3.30 MB
Medium to Black We wrote a rap, and I promise you NOTHING. enjoy! Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 1.98 MB
Losing Myself A song me and Ryan wrote to lyrics written by Sam, sung by Ernie. Nick: Rhythm Guitars and bass, Ryan: Sweet Guitar Leads and drums, vocalized by Ernie, based on lyrics written by Sam. Nick Peth, Ryan Hall, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 1.98 MB
Remembering You I actually played a very minor role in this piece, I only drum. The song is written by Ryan Hall, who does all guitar work, and vocalized by Ernie Roe.. Ryan Hall, Nick Peth, Ernie Roe 1.64 MB
Untitled (Rhythm and Lead Guitar) It's the solo section of a song I'm working on, this was improv... but it gives you a nice look at the song. I tried to keep the solo melodic without getting too carried away. Nick Peth 1.80 MB
5 am (with no one to call your own) All alone in the cold starry night. Nick Peth 2.12 MB
5 am (with no place to go) The winter blues. Nick Peth 1.84 MB
Losing Myself (Sample solo & Bass) Ryan is in the motherfucking *zone*. A slight taste of Ryan's mad lead guitar skillage (I'm playing in the background!), enjoy (and use your napkin). Ryan Hall, Nick Peth 0.274 MB
The Ballad of Dan Cox Dedicated to Dan Cox, wherever he is. Nick Peth, Connor Henley, Jordan Harrison, Kyle Quigley, Ian Garbi, Justin Pope 1.43 MB
The Sexy Blender Dance-funk, break it down blender style. Nick Peth 1.85 MB
Salvador Dali IT's a song written about the great artist, Sal Dali himself. Just be careful about the last few seconds, it gets a little loud. Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 1.27 MB
Watch out, Everett Jarvis We picked a random name out of the phone book, and this song was spawned. Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 0.987 MB
Suspenseful B Horror movie sountrack material. might need a little polishing. Nick Peth, Sam Byrd 0.467 MB
The "Grandma's not baking cookies" kinda blues It's improv, so that explains the ugly turn the plot takes. Nick Peth, Sam Byrd 1.45 MB
Master Peth's Repose (Symphony No.1) The first and second movements to my symphony. Nick Peth 4.77 MB
Jeebus Previously unreleased track. I was at first worried about the reaction I would get from my listeners, but I feel now that I have held back too long! Enjoy! Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 1.25 MB
wow! (guitar duet) An acoustic guitar duet between me and Ian. It's a first take (and very choppy), but I still love it.. Nick Peth, Ian Garbi 6.51 MB
Digital Fallout (Peth Dub) I play guitar to my cousin's song. Techno rock maybe? Nick Peth, Tim Brock 3.81 MB
Acid Campfire My first attempt at sampling, and it turned out very well. Nick Peth 4.78 MB
Blue Two-track synthesizer, platform for a work in progress. Nick Peth 1.91 MB
Concious One track piano solo based on an earlier MIDI composition. Nick Peth 3.00 MB
The Howl A very very simple guitar piece, inspired by the loon in the opening. Nick Peth 1.06 MB
Blue Fog An earlier version of the previous. Tracks are in tact! Nick Peth 4.71 MB
Spacial More dance funk- featuring voice samples of Patrick Stewart, Monty Python and Cheech Marin. Nick Peth 2.16 MB