All songs are written, composed and performed by Nicholas Benedict Peth (except for a few noted exceptions). Songs are free to be downloaded and listened to and only listen to. All of that copyright crap applies to all of the listed songs below. Enjoy!
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Other Artists Songs composed by associated musicians. --- --- ---
Entire MIDI Directory Expansive, there are a few good ones. With these I started my career in music composition. So beware, some might come off as incredibly amateur. --- Nick Peth ---
Losing Myself (Sample solo & Bass) Ryan is in the motherfucking *zone*. A slight taste of Ryan's mad lead guitar skillage (I'm playing in the background!), enjoy (and use your napkin). --- Ryan Hall, Nick Peth 0.274 MB
Saturday Rocks Saturday's do rock, and so does this song. It's been re-recorded, this is the current home-studio version. I will remake it when more musicians (and a bass player) are handy. --- Nick Peth 2.26 MB
Salvador Dali IT's a song written about the great artist, Sal Dali himself. Just be careful about the last few seconds, it gets a little loud. --- Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 1.27 MB
The Sexy Blender Umm... I can't think of anything to say about it, except that you will like it. --- Nick Peth 1.85 MB
Watch out, Everett Jarvis We picked a random name out of the phone book, and this song was spawned. --- Nick Peth, Sam Byrd, Ernie Roe 0.987 MB
Suspenseful B Horror movie sountrack material. might need a little polishing. --- Nick Peth, Sam Byrd 0.467 MB
The Ballad of Dan Cox Dedicated to Dan Cox, wherever he is. --- Nick Peth, Connor Henley, Jordan Harrison, Kyle Quigley, Ian Garbi, Justin Pope 1.43 MB
The "Grandma's not baking cookies" kinda blues It's improv, so that explains the ugly turn the plot takes. --- Nick Peth, Sam Byrd 1.45 MB
5 am (with no one to call your own) All alone in the cold starry night. Nick Peth 2.12 MB
5 am (with no place to go) The winter blues. --- Nick Peth 1.84 MB
Master Peth's Repose (Symphony No.1) The first and second movements to my symphony. Nick Peth 4.77 MB
wow! (guitar duet) An acoustic guitar duet between me and Ian. It's a first take (and very choppy), but I still love it.. --- Nick Peth, Ian Garbi 6.51 MB
Digital Fallout (Peth Dub) I play guitar to my cousin's song. Techno rock maybe? --- Nick Peth, Tim Brock 3.81 MB
Acid Campfire My first attempt at sampling, and it turned out very well. --- Nick Peth 4.78 MB
Blue Two-track synthesizer, platform for a work in progress. --- Nick Peth 1.91 MB
Concious One track piano solo based on an earlier MIDI composition. --- Nick Peth 3.00 MB
The Howl A very very simple guitar piece, inspired by the loon in the opening. --- Nick Peth 1.06 MB
Untitled It's like one of my MIDI's jazzed up, and longer. --- Nick Peth 1.45 MB
Blue Fog II The tracks are completely messed up, the timing is off... but you get the idea. It will be remade soon. --- Nick Peth 4.77 MB
Blue Fog An earlier version of the previous. Tracks are in tact! --- Nick Peth 4.71 MB
Amsterdam Intro An introduction to a song that took a life of it's own. --- Nick Peth, Paul Madden 2.44 MB
Spacial Another technoish song, featuring voice samples of Patrick Stewart. --- Nick Peth 2.16 MB