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Master Peth's Repose. Symphony No.1, Movement 1.

Composed by:Nick Peth

Submitted by: -Schwt (www.midi-contest.com)

"A bit repetitive, and the timpani tends to drown other things out. Perhaps take the velocity controllers on the timpani down a little. I liked the theme, however."

Submitted by: -Ernst (www.midi-contest.com)

"The drama of the introduction and the wonderful build disguise the fact that the chord progression is the same four chords throughout. The ending was interesting, but abrupt."

Submitted by: -Miklos (www.midi-contest.com)

"The variations after the "growing", seems a little bit unorganized for me, I can`t see the goal of the music. Maybe you should work a little bit more with the planning."

Submitted by: -Shawn (www.midi-contest.com)

"A symphony is a very complex, organized, varied and intelligent piece of music that lasts so friggin' long because the music itself, the themes themselves, DEMAND it - - not because the the composer just wants to fill it out. A chord progression of d to C to B-flat to a does not a symphony make. I am not discouraging you from continuing to write, but perhaps you ought to start relatively small (as in solo piano, or small woodwind ensembles, or quartet). Not only do smaller groups tend to support monotony better, but there are tricks you can use with less instruments to make it seem like more is going on than actually is the case. But with a symphony-sized group? Not a chance - you can't hide the fact that nothing interesting may be going on. Keep trying! The best part was the end! (not being a smart-ass here; I mean, the punctuated close of this piece, followed by the fading choir, was very dramatically significant). More surprises like that in the middle of what came before, and you're on your way!"

Submitted by: -Lavio (www.midi-contest.com)

"It has some good themes. But I think they should be more developed instead of just repeat them without, at least, some good variation."