And thus begins the painstaking process of making this website more complete, if not a little more interesting. Updates will be posted below. If there isnt anything posted, I haven't taken the time to touch the site. Stay tuned and entertain the forum.




The Inner Sanctum is moving. Though between school, work and recreation I am not finding a lot of time to work on the new site. You can monitor my progress at Reasons for moving include:

  Tripod allots only 20 MB of webspace. My new server provides 100.

  Tripod does not allow filesharing.

  Tripod allots only 20 MB of webspace, and something like 6MB of daily bandwidth.

  Those fucking incessant pop ups.

I've been with tripod for... six years now and finally I say Tripod: suck my dick. I will be boycotting all lycos providers from my new site. If you have ever operated a site from lycos before, you know of what I speak.