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Steve Vai Official Official website of one of the worlds elite guitarrists.

Epiphone Home of epiphone musical instruments..

Fender Fender Musical instruments

Paul's Website!: My brother's website! Download his music and learn all about his four month trip across the States.

Matt's MIDI Masterpieces He's good, and I envy him. I will eat his liver and steal his powers.

Manfretti's: My sister's website. It almost makes you want to cry.

Sarah!: My other sister's webpage, go to it and your kidneys will be safe!

Ernie's Place: And you thought you were strange? A montage of Ernie's crazy and unpredictable mayhem! Muahaha!

Matt's MIDI Masterpieces: He's good, and I envy him. I will eat his liver and steal his powers.

Another Stellar Hideaway: It's a website much like mine that doesn't get the recognition it deserves, so visit it dammit! And sign the guestbook! Anyone that compliments my page is OK in my book

Illusionary World: Do you like music? Do you like anime? do you like black tar heroin? then this is your man!

Sami's World of Horrific Pakis !: It's SAMI! I really can't say much else.

ARB: A former cohort of mine, who seems to have given up on internet design. See what his talents have culminated to in his final production!

MSNBC: I don't know where all of you get your news, but this for damn sure is where I get mine!

MadTrout: A site dedicated to Art and such related things. I think? Something like that, and if not, there sure is a lot of art on it. GO! NOW!

Cake Homepage: Any dispute over the most kickin' rock band in the world? I didn't think so!! They have a new album out, aren't we all just so very excited?

Friendbear: Undoubtedly the funniest comic ever.

Red Meat: Internet comic! It is grand, and you will be too if you click here.